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Project: "from sheep to clothes"

Working as an "artist as teacher" in primary schools and focusing on where clothes are made from, is a great opportunity to introduce the concept of circular thinking to both teachers and the next generation.


Stichting Het Wilde Westen.


Courses and workshops about circular textiles and techniques.


- MBO Amsterdam zuid | fashion

- Jean School international course

- Artemis

Sustainable archive 

Currently working on building an archive of sustainable fabrics, trims, and color and circular solutions that can be used by fashion and textile students in the years to come. I aim to provide a wide selection of eco-friendly materials and design options. 

My clients include ROC of Amsterdam: MBO College Zuid & Hilversum and ROC Mondriaan, The Hague. Proud to partner with these institutions to promote sustainable fashion solutions and help shape the industry's future. My goal is to support future designers and developers in reducing waste and creating high-quality, long-lasting garments that are mindful of the planet and its resources.


CLO3D is a tool that contributes toward a more sustainable fashion industry.

Why is working in 3D so important for the upcoming fashion designers? See program of De Balie, techdenkers. 


- Royal Academy of art, The Hague | fashion and textile students

- MBO Amsterdam Zuid | fashion students and teachers 

- Jean School international course

- B fashion academy

- Design Academy | workshop instructors

- Individual groups

Circular & design

Specific focus on innovative fashion brands seeking to transition from a linear to a more circular process. Implementing CLO3D and in-depth research on materials, we assist these labels in designing innovative garments & processes. 


- NIO New Industrial Order | Circular chain project | RVO

3D Art

studio work

To go off line is for me a moment to create. In meditative moments I just start cutting with my knife and paper and no outcome in mind. 

My only goal is no waste.......

Translate my small creations by hand into 3D designs digital is the combination I love.

My Story

My journey as a designer took a new turn when I launched my millinery brand, Zenithats, alongside my work in the fashion industry. From fish leather to recycled lace, my designs stood out. However, as my inventory grew, I discovered sustainable materials and innovative techniques like laser cutting and engraving.

My passion shifted from product design to circular textiles and innovations in the fashion industry. I enthusiastically shared my findings with teachers, students, and like-minded fashion brands and designers.



With her passion for working in co-creation towards a sustainable fashion world, Sonja inspires teachers. Based on her expertise, we have successfully implemented circular production principles within our fashion education

MBO college Hilversum

Education manager fashion

Mascha van Zijveren


"Sonja works with us on digitalisation in the design process of knitwear. She brings a unique perspective shaped by years of experience in design and design teaching, combined with an inquiring and creative mind. The development of our out-of-the-box workflow is in safe hands with Sonja." 

New Industrial Order

Rosanne van der Meer


Sonja takes children along on her journey of creativity and knowledge about fashion. Her dedication to both the artistic side and education makes collaborating with her within schools a unique and valuable experience.

Het Wilde Westen

Julia Spoelstra

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